Families, singles, children, youth, young adults, seniors, we invite you to come fellowship with us at Faith Way where "truly our fellowship is with the Father and his son Jesus Christ." There is a place and class for all and a nursery for the babies. You will enjoy old fashion singing and preaching that exalts the Saviour. There is a future for you and your family at Faith Way. Pastor Downing Gregory

What We Believe

  • The Bible (KJV) is the inspired word of God.
  • God created the world in six literal days.
  • God is triune. God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.
  • Salvation is totally of grace and whosoever may come.
  • The pre-millennial imminent return of Jesus.
  • Eternal damnation of the lost and the eternal heavenly bliss of the saved.
  • The church is God's authority to propagate the Gospel.

Bulletin Board

Childrens Services

Without youth there is no future. We have Sunday School classes for all ages. Puppets are used for opening exercises. A nursery is provided with dedicated staff. Boy's and girl's club (Master Ministries) meet on Wednesday nights. Oganized youth events all year long. Youth Camps. Your child will feel welcomed and loved.

Youth Groups

The Youth Group of Faith Way Baptist Church seeks to establish several biblical goals in the lives of young people: to bring lost teenagers to Christ, to build up new Christians in the faith, to teach obedience to God and His Word, to build relationships between teenagers and their parents, and to teach teenagers to recognize their body as the Temple of God. We accomplish these goals through Sunday School, regular youth activities, mentorship, and youth camps.

College & Career Class

It is our goal to equip young adults with the tools to discover what their purpose for their life is. Through Bible teaching, Christian fellowship, and Godly counsel; it is our desire that they allow God to show them His purpose for their life, and encourage them to live it. "Who hath saved us, and called us with an holy calling, not according to our works, but according to his own purpose and grace, which was given us in Christ Jesus before the world began," 2 Tim. 1:9

Camp Popeye

Camp Popeye is unique among Camps in that it is a ministry of a local independent Baptist Church. Our purpose in ministry is to use that submission to the local church to reach young people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and with the unchanging truth of the Word of God. At each and every youth camp session, you'll find a strong emphasis on the Word of God, unique and unusual adventure games, and friendships that will last a lifetime!


We put the "go" in the gospel. Missions is the heart beat of our church. We independently support 40 missionaries around the world. Every service we hear from one of our missionaries. We take missions trips often. "God" had one son and he was a foreign missionary." "If the Gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost."

Service Times:
Sunday School: 10:00am
Worship Service: 11:00am
Wednesday Night: 7:00pm
Sunday Night: 7:00pm (Spring & Summer)
Sunday Night: 6:00pm (Fall & Winter)